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6th January


It is with regret that we have learnt of the death of

Del Peters who passed away following an aneurism on the 1st January.

Del was a long standing member and had served on the committee. 

The Funeral will take place on Friday 4th February at 1.15pm at Vinters Park Crematorium, all welcome.


22nd December

Christmas Cards

There is a small number of Christmas cards in the foyer that have been left for members, please check and take any addressed to you.

14th December 21

Subs payments

Reminder, quareterly subs are now due.


Tickets are now on sale.

Christmas Day Lunch

Unfortunately has had to be cancelled due to dropping numbers.

3rd November 21

Winter Rules

Winter Rules are now in force. Preferred Lies, Lift wipe and place in closley mown areas only. Please see the attached document issued by Kent Golf Union for clarification.  Preferred Lies  Note that when lifting a ball for cleaning it must be marked. 

1st November 21

Winter Hours

With effect from today we have now gone to winter hours, therefore the Clubhouse will not be open until 7am.  The Pro Shop will now close at 4pm, Monday & Saturday, Approx 5pm other days.


1st September

Kent Golf Vets League

Congratulations to the Veterans Kent Golf League Team who have won the Group 4 League this year.

26th August 2021

Club Champion

Congratulations to Jack Crump who is the new Club Champion following the competition last weekend.  Jack shot 4 over par for the weekend having a gross score of 140.


15th July

Coronavirus Update

As restrictions are being relaxed on the 19th July, there will be no further requirement to book tee times.  However, we ask members to not tee off before 7am to allow the Greenkeepers time to undetake their work.  You can now remove the flag if you wish and must rake bunkers after use.  Ball washers divot boxes etc will be returned to use.  

Masks will no longer be mandatory in the clubhouse, but there will still be hand sanitiser available should you wish to use it. You should continue to scan the NHS App for Track and Trace purposes if you have it, but there is no requirement to sign in otherwise.

We ask members not to congregate round the bar area as some staff members are not yet fully vacinated and to continue giving other members and staff space to minimise any risk.


13th July

Captain's week thanks

I would like thank everyone who took part in my Captain’s prize week competitions. Your attendance was outstanding and my charities will benefit enormously from your generous contribution. I congratulate all of you who walked away with prizes on the respective days. I wish to apologize to all our winners for the absence of a prize giving ceremony but Covid restrictions prevented me from doing so. I would like to thank Martin and Neil for all their assistance and hard work to make the week an outstanding success. I am also eternally grateful to Geoff  Westlake for all his help and assistance. Not forgetting the greens staff for the presentation of the course and our catering and bar staff for their warm and efficient hospitality effort. I hope everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed the week as much as I did.

Captain Roy         

2nd July 2021

Pitch Marks

There is an increasing number of pitch marks, please ALWAYS repair your pitch marks with a pitch repairer to help preserve the greens.

17th May 2021

Play from the 13th Tee

Please take extra care when using this tee as we are getting increasing numbers of balls into gardens on First Avenue resulting in damage to property.  If you do hit a wayward shot, please remember to shout.

7th May 2021

Rules of Play

Further to the recent e-mail containing rules of play, please note that these are republished rules for clarity of playing order only.  As there has been some confusion we reiterate that ALL play should currently be from the 1st Tee only until further advised.

9th April

We will be making random inspections of people playing on the course  to make sure rules, dress code and etiquette is being adhered to and the relevent fees have been paid.

Litter is once again becoming a problem on the course, please take your litter home with you.


15th October

Mens County Card App

We have been advised by the KGU that some users of the County Card App have reported that their Home Club is no longer detailed on the digital County Card as displayed on their mobile phone. This is currently being looked into, however the players CDH number does contain their handicap data which includes details of their Home Club and can be checked by the host venue when using the County Card.

For all details relating to the County Card and use of it, please visit https://www.kentgolf.org/county_card


17 August 2020


There is an incresing amount of litter, especially bottles, being left on the course including on tees, greens and in trees.  It is an offence under the Bye Laws to deposit litter on the course.  Please place your rubbish in a bin or take it home with you.  Please keep your course tidy.

4th August 2020

Dress Code Reminder

Members, Visitors and Guests are reminded that we do have a dress code both on and off the course.  Please make sure you adhering to when you visit the club.  NO black socks or cargo shorts on the course, shirts must be tucked in. Preferably no flip flops in the clubhouse, no golf shoes or hats in the clubhouse.

2nd July 2020

Course Reminders

Please take care when playing the 'top field' (1st, 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th) As we have had a number of balls go into neighbouring gardens over recent weeks causing damage and potential injury.

Please repair pitch marks and replace divots where possible.

Please adhere to the dress code - shirts must be tucked in, no cargo shorts, white socks must be worn with tailored shorts. Golf shirts must have a collar.

27 Apr 2020

Captain's Charities 2020/21

Since the lockdown caused by the coronavirus, I decided as your future Captain, not to shave until we return back to normal  in aid of my nominated charities. IE: (Prostate Cancer UK) self explanatory and (Making Miricals) which helps young mothers cope with the death of a child at birth or within the first few days of the baby being born.  I therefore would like to ask all members to kindly sponsor the beard by donating as little as £2 each to the cause.  We can then have a de-bearding ceremony in the club house as soon as the lockdown is over. Your kind and generous support would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Roy Walker  


4 Feb 2020

Mens County Card 2020

This year the KGU would prefer you to download your county card via an app onto your smart phone.  Details are on the KGU website or Here.  Plastic cards will not be issued.


17 Jul 2019

England Golf Insurance Cover

As part of the Afilliation Fee you pay with your invoice, England Golf now include Personal Liability Insurance under their Members Benefits Programme.  This does not replace the Insurance that you pay for on your invoice which is through Golfguard or any private insurance that you may also hold.

19 Dec 2018

New Rules 2019

The R&A have introduced new Rules of Golf effective from the 1st January 2019.  New Rules of Golf books are available in the foyer and Gents locker rooms.

The number of Rules have reduced from 34 to 24.  The top 20 Rule changes are shown here.  As a result our Local Rules have had to be adapted to correspond with the rule changes and the Local Rules page on the website has been updated.  Copies are also on display in the locker rooms.

Please make sure you are aware of these new rules.

22 June 2018


Our dress code requires that members, visitors and guests wearing shorts on the golf course MUST wear white socks and shorts MUST be tailored.

Cargo shorts/trousers are NOT Permitted. 

All shirts MUST be tucked in on the course.

Mens sandals MUST be worn with socks in the clubhouse.  Flip Flops are not permitted.   NOTE:  Flip Flops have been temporarily permitted for the month of August.

Sad News 2020/21

Sad News

Please click the link above for a list of those members we have sadly lost.

Sad News - Barry Probert

It is with regret that we announce the death of Barry Probert

who passed away on Sunday 24th October 2021 following a battle with cancer.  Barry was a former Finance Chairman at the Club and will be known to many.  The Funeral will be held on the 19th November at 1pm at Medway Crematorium followed by a wake at the Club.

Sad News - Ron Hopper

We regret to announce to death of Ron Hopper who passed away on the 7th September 2021.  The funeral will be for family only.

Sad News - John Burnett

It is with regret that we announce the death of John Burnett who passed away on the 19th May 2021following a battle with cancer.  John was a former member of the club who had recently been living in Spain.

Sad News - John Terry

It is with sadness that we have learnt of the death of Richard John Terry who passed away at the weekend.  John had been a long standing member of the club and will be well known to many.  Funeral details will be announced when known.

The funeral will be held on the 22nd June 2021 at Bobbing Crematorium at 2pm.


200 Club Results

2021 Results

Jan - R Snelling (146), J Pearce (10), L Austen (84)

Feb - T Bonathan (196), A Dixon (108), R Doughty (79)

Mar - J Barry (62), D Kidney(23), L Jones (169)

Apr - R Baldwin(67), B Harriss (88), V Cass (125)

May - N Trutwein(72), P Bosworth(21), B Doughty(53)

June - J Reynolds(38), D Vaux(128), B Mitchell(8), D Kidney(23)

July - V Cass (125), M Daniels(123), T Bonathan(162)

Aug - R Tester(131), J Paulley(115), J Snow(197)

Sep - D Clark(114), N Trutwein(61), A Dixon(144)

Oct - P Patel(57), B Green(27), B Yeo (117)

Nov - L Jones(134), R Doughty(49), R Snelling(7)

Dec -


2019 Results


2020 Results

Jan - R Larkin (145), Mrs C Wright (70), C Caroll (99)

Feb - P Eckhardt (8), P Hesketh (86), M Daniels (123)

Mar - A Dixon (108), P Eckhardt (8), R Putland (92)

Apr - M Jaques (13), Mrs D Smith (66), J Barry (62)

May - R Putland (110), C carroll (31), D Clark (114)

June - Mrs L Austen (84), C MacKinlay (14), M Picozzi (160), V Cass (125)

July - C Hunter (94), R Snelling (146), Mrs M Ross (77)

Aug - Mrs R Byrne (104), Alex H (137), J Pocknell (17)

Sept - M Daniels (3), C Mackinlay (14), Malcolm Ross (40)

Oct - D Clark (114), N Trutwein (61), D Read (76)

Nov - R Larkin (145), B Doughty (53), L Jones (136)

Dec - R Tester (16), D Kidney (48), R Dann (173), L Shed (111), C Hunter (94)


Spare tickets still available to members at an annual cost of £10, please contact the office or the captain.


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13th green from the 1st fairway


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