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Bye Laws


The following Bye Laws are published on the authority of the Executive Committee of Gillingham Golf Club Ltd in accordance with serial 42 of The Articles of Association.

The instrument of authority shall be the Minute passed by the majority of the members of the Executive Committee and recorded in the Minute Book of Gillingham Golf Club Ltd.

Bye Laws are published for the guidance and information for all members of the club.

The Executive Committee has the power to withdraw or amend the terms of the Bye Laws at any time on the majority decision of a full Meeting of the Executive Committee.

The secretary/Manager and all members of the Executive Committee are authorised to caution any member of the Club or any visitor who is in breach of any of the Bye Laws. Any unfavourable response by any person so cautioned must be reported in writing to the Secretary/Manager.

(1) Conduct between Club Members and Club Staff
Club Members may not discipline members of the employed staff. All complaints must be made in writing to the Secretary/Manager, and if he/she is unable to deal with the complaint, it will be passed on to the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final.

(2) Dress Standards
In the Clubhouse: As displayed on relevant notice boards
On the Course: As displayed on relevant notice boards

Any Member or Visitor contravening these regulations will be required to leave the course or vacate the premises.

(3) Junior Members
Are permitted to use the Lounge Bar, however, any purchase must be made from the small casual bar.

Must not loiter or consume food in the changing/locker room.

Must leave the clubhouse by 8.00 pm during British Summer Time and by sunset during Greenwich Meantime (winter), unless accompanied by a parent who must also be a club member.

Junior members must leave the premises when the course is closed.

The gaming machines and area around the machines are out of bounds.

Children may be brought in to the clubhouse by Members, or Visitors accompanied by a Member. Whilst there, they are restricted to the lounge, restaurant and small casual lounge. They are not permitted to be in the area of the Gaming Machine or use them. The Parents/Guardians of accompanied children are to ensure they do not enter any area where they are out of their sight, especially in unoccupied rooms, stairs, lift, changing rooms and fire escapes.

The Steward or any of the Bar Staff on duty are authorised to request any Member or visitor to remove any child, or young person in their care away from the bar.

The Steward and Bar Staff are authorised to report to the Secretary/Manager any person or persons who disregard a properly made request to remove a child or young person from the Bar.

(4) Suspension
If the conduct or actions of a member is such that it be contrary to the general standards expected of the membership, but not sufficient to warrant expulsion under Article 17, the Executive Committee have the power on a complaint being made in writing to the Secretary/Manager, to suspend that member for a period at the Executive Committees discretion, if such misconduct is found proved. The member concerned will have the right to state his/her case before the Executive Committee either personally or in writing in mitigation or rebuttal of the alleged offence.

The Steward and Bar Staff are authorised to refuse anyone who they consider intoxicated or abusive.

(5) Payment of Entrance Fee and Playing Subscription by Instalments
Entrance Fee for New Members and playing Subscriptions of New and existing Members may be under the following provision:

As relevant to the ruling of the Executive Committee at the time of application and/or renewal.

(6) Animals in the Clubhouse or on the Golf Course
Pets are not allowed in the Clubhouse or on the Golf Course.

(7) Official Car Spaces (restricted use of)
Front of Clubhouse:
Official parking spaces are provided for the following: Club Captain, Lady Captain, Club Secretary/Manager and Club Professional. Additionally any parking space that is nominated / reserved by name is classified as an official space.

Rear of Clubhouse/Service Yard
Official parking spaces are provided for the following: Steward and Head/Senior Green Keeper.


Disabled Parking Spaces
Only for use when conveying persons to the Clubhouse.

All vehicles are parked at the owners risk.

(8) Club Foyer (Entrance Hall)
Members and Visitors may not use the Foyer or Entrance Hall of the Club as a temporary area to deposit golf equipment or any other sports or clothing equipment. The Entrance Hall is part of the main Clubhouse and must be maintained as such.

(9) Club Notices and Notice Boards
Notices may only be posted by authorised persons.
Other than posters relating to matters agreed by the Executive Committee, the Club Secretary/Manager on behalf of the Executive Committee will sign all written notices. Any Member found to have defaced a Club official notice in any way will be delt with by the Executive Committee under Article 17 (Expulsion) of the Articles of Association of the Club.

Defacing will include the deliberate removal of any official notice.

(10) Newspapers, Periodicals and Magazines
No newspaper, periodical or magazine that is property of the Club shall be removed from the premises.

(11) Insurance
All playing Members of the Club shall be required to pay the annual third party liability insurance premium as charged by Gillingham Golf Club. This fee will be included on the annual invoice.
Any accident or incident, which may possibly result in a claim, must be reported to the Secretary/Manager as soon as possible.

(12) Valuables
The club is not responsible for Member's personal property whether left in the lockers or elsewhere on the premises.

(13) Visitor's Book
Members bringing visitors into the Clubhouse (maximum 3), must enter the details required in the Visitor's Book kept on the 1st floor foyer and must be responsible for their good behaviour and conduct. A Member must at all times accompany his visitors. Such Visitors are accorded the full use of the Club catering and bar facilities.

(14) Litter on the Course
It is an offence to deposit any litter (including drink cans and bottles) anywhere on the course or in the car park other than in the receptacles provided. Any member in breach of this rule may be delt with under Bye - Law 4.

(15) Smoking and Non - Smoking Areas
Non - Smoking areas to be designated in accordance with the requirement of the European Union Law and Executive Committee. The 'No Smoking' notices are displayed in the designated No Smoking areas within the confines of the Club are not to removed by Members. The Restaurant is a Non - Smoking area in its entirety unless otherwise agreed.

(16) Mobile Telephones
Mobile Telephones carried for use in the Clubhouse must be switched to silent mode. Incoming and outgoing calls may only be made from the first floor foyer and ground floor. Mobile Telephones may be taken on the course but must be switched off. They may however be used to summon assistance in an emergency, this is the only exception.

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