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Gillingham Golf Club is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and is open to the whole community. To ensure compliance with CASC regulations, we now offer a Concessionary Subscription Rate:-

Free annual membership and £10 per round, including golf clubs loaned by the club to the applicant if required.

As a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) we have:

  • Membership that is open to all without discrimination

  • Facilities that are open to all members without discrimination

  • Fees that do not represent a significant obstacle to membership or use of the Club.

This membership is available, without discrimination, to persons who can reasonably demonstrate that they are unable to afford any of the club's standard subscription charges.

Acceptable evidence of an applicant's personal circumstances may be provided in the form of independent documentation of any state benefits that the applicant may be receiving. Other forms of documentation, proving personal financial difficulty, may also be acceptable subject to independent verification before receiving the Club Council's approval.

Applicants should be aware that depending on the level of interest in the Concessionary Rate - there may be a short wait for approval, which could also be affected by the availability (or sourcing) of loan equipment. The club's Concessionary Rate will also be subject to an annual review. The club will ensure that the procedure in this matter will be discreet and confidential throughout the application process. All members that are accepted to the club under this new category will enjoy identical voting rights and privileges to our other standard categories of membership.

Applicants, in the first instance, should apply to the secretary of the club giving details and providing documentary evidence of benefits. All applications will then be considered by the Club Council.


13th green from the 1st fairway

Gillingham Golf Club